Tiga Resto Pekanbaru

Tiga Resto Pekanbaru
Address: Sultan Syarif Kasim II International Airport Pekanbaru
Phone: 0761-7727696

tiga resto pekanbaru

I rarely go to airport cafe or restaurant because it's expensive. Every bill will be added with 10% sales tax and 5% service charge. If I am the passenger, I will go directly to the lounge which gives more benefits. In the lounge, we pay for all we can eat and have pleasant room to relax. But this evening, I got no choice since I was not the passenger. I was there to pick up my daughter. So I went to the second floor because I've tried all restaurants on the first floor. 

I seldom enter unknown restaurants in airport because they usually don't have standard services, so the price is often unreasonable. Again, this time we tried different decision. Tiga Resto takes place on the balcony of the airport's second floor. It's an outdoor restaurant which has beautiful scenery. 

cafe tiga resto pekanbaru

Tiga Resto interior is a combination between modern kitchen and recycled tables and chairs. The ugly tables and chairs look good though. It will be a good idea for your house or business outlet.

Tiga Resto has a long menu list, including food, snack and drink. As I suspected, the price is high. But it's understandable because the rent of special place like airport is also not cheap. The price in the list will be added with 10% sales tax and 5% service charge on the bill later.

menu cafe tiga resto bandara pekanbaru

I ordered drinks and snack because it's not the time for dinner yet. I think the ice cappucino is too sweet. It's basically coffee variant, so it can't be that sweet. Other than that are acceptable. You should try this restaurant.

I spent almost two hours there since the plane was delayed. It was not too bad because I bought my laptop. It has free wifi and the ID is myID. :))

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