Cak Kue Pekanbaru

Cahkwe or cakue is Chinese traditional snack, but we can find it in almost the entire country. Unlike cahkwe in Jawa, cahkwe in Pekanbaru is twice or three times bigger and more savory. It's sold every morning to accompany bubur ayam or chicken porridge. Nevertheless, Bangkinang cahkwe is sold in the evening.

cak kue cakue pekanbaru

Cak Kue is one of cahkwe maker and seller. This is my favorite. Some people buy cahkwe here in a lot of amount. The owner never keeps any stock. In fact, he is always busy catching up the orders. Actually, he's helped by two person, but he never lets them touch the dough.

If you buy porridge here, the cahkwe is already included. Chinese porridge or congee is  more liquid. The rice itself is plain, but they add more condiments, included shredded chicken, pickle, crispy fried shallot and more. The egg is an option. If you want the egg, they will drop raw egg into the porridge and use the porridge heat to make it cooked. I like congee more than Javanese or Sundanese porridge, because it's more tasty and fresh.

The price of the cahkwe is Rp 1.000,- each while the chicken porridge with egg is Rp 13.000,-.

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