Lick N Latte Pekanbaru

I found this place by accident when I had to go somewhere instead of waiting my daughter in the car. It's located at Sudirman Square, Jl. Sudirman, Pekanbaru, exactly beside the famous Pak Ndut. 

lick n latte pekanbaru

It seems that Lick n Latte is a hangout place for all generations, but I noticed that there were a lot of civil servants sit on the first floor. Not a common place for them. Maybe they are the higher ranks in the office.
Meanwhile, the youngsters occupied the second floor.

On the sign, we can see that this place is also available for karaoke but I couldn't see the equipment. Maybe the karaoke is on the second floor. However, there was band's equipment for live music.

lick n latte cafe pekanbaru

I like the taste of the snack and drinks. The iced cappucino is so creamy like I always want. If you have time to spend here, don't forget to order croquette. It's really delicious. 

The price is reasonable, but I forgot to take notes. This iced cappucino was about Rp 25.000 I guess.

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  1. dua gambar terakhir merupakan godaan berat bagi mahasiswa di akhir bulan :D

  2. Hahahaaaa.... buat saya godaan selamanya. Ibu2 sih kalau perlu bawa bekal dari rumah heheheee


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