Tumis Ayam Mas Edy Pekanbaru

Tumis ayam at Mas Edy's is not exactly sauteed chicken. It's more like light chicken curry. It's a little bit hot. It's so refreshing for dinner, although it opens since 10 AM. It takes place in Jl Patimura 26, Gobah. The place is not prominent, so you might miss it. Moreover, Jl Patimura is a one-way street which makes cars move very fast. The sign board is also not clear enough to read. But, there are a lot of motor cycles and car parking in front of Mas Edy's, so you better open your eyes widely.

tumis ayam mas edy pekanbaru

Mas Edy's doesn't sell many choices. You can choose either tumis ayam (sauteed chicken) or ayam kecap (chicken soy sauce). The chicken soy sauce is also more like light dark chicken curry with boiled egg. Months ago, both were very cheap. It cost Rp 10.000 for every portion. Maybe they raise the price a little bit now, considering high prices in all products lately.

What I like most about Mas Edy's is the restaurant atmosphere. The interior and the music remind me of Javanese kampong. It's was a surprise when the visitors have the Javanese manner as well. Javanese usually greets and smiles to each other. They don't have any problem sharing table, just like old friends. How nice!

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  1. Alamaaakkkkk....malam-malam BW, jumpe makanan macam ini pulak, jadi makin melompat-lompat ni perut... :(


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