Restoran Plaza Pekanbaru

This place is easy to find because it's located at the Senapelan Plaza's parking lot. Senapelan Plaza is well known as the center of gadget outlets and stores in Pekanbaru. Nevertheless, it was my first visit to the restaurant. Usually, I only come to Bundo Kanduang outlet, just outside the restaurant to buy sate padang.

food court plaza pekanbaru

The Restoran Plaza concept is actually a food court but in a smaller area. They sell various food commonly consumed in Pekanbaru. 

My first visit was not intentionally. It had to have iftar (open my fast) on Ramadhan but I didn't make a good plan. I didn't cook and I didn't book for any restaurant. So, everywhere was fully-reserved. I got this place accidentally when we passed it. 

restoran plaza pekanbaru

Their menus are good. It's common for any food court. You should order the durian ice (I forget its name). The taste is good, but they should improve the presentation. 

I think the price is a little bit high, I'm not sure, because they did't give me any receipt. And they missed one of my order because the waiter didn't take notes, they just memorized it. :)

menu restoran plaza pekanbaru

So, when you are at the downtown of Pekanbaru, and at Plaza Senapelan and Mal Pekanbaru area, and you are hungry or thirsty, you can look for the Restoran Plaza.

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  1. penasarn sama rasa duriannya itu lho...
    hmm....makanan dan minumannya nampak mak nyus...*lap iler...

  2. Hohooo.. it looks like ITC Roxy and Cempaka Mas kind of place yaaa..

  3. menunya sedap-sedap, pingin ngiler lihatnya


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