The Legendary Eva Coffee House, Bedono, Ambarawa

Eva Coffee House
Address: Bedono, Ambarawa, Central Java, Indonesia
Phone: +62 298 591155

eva coffee bedono

If you take a trip from Yogyakarta to Semarang or the other way around, you will find Eva Coffee House at the corner of Bedono area. You won't miss it, unless you sleep. Nowadays, some new coffee houses open in that area with bigger and more fun facilities. However, Eva Coffee House brings a lot of memories personally and behind the establishment.

Unlike other coffee house in the cities, coffee in Eva's are taken from the owner plantation and processed inhouse. The owner, Michael Tjiptomartojo, was a former Tentara Rakyat Mataram warrior who defensed Ambarawa from the allied forces. Previously, it was the favorite coffee house for the higher rank officials, but then it was the favorite coffee house for any passers by.

eva kopi bedono

Recently, it has to compete with other coffee houses around Banaran and Bedono, but I think it still worth to visit. Although the favorite menu is coffee, but it's accompanied with other menus as well. I recommend you to order coffee with honey. For the kids, they offer milk with honey as well. It will be nice if you order them together with tahu (toufu) and lemper. The tahu (toufu) is specially soaked in clear broth. 
The prices are a little bit high but not too expensive.

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  1. yes, it's right Mak, expensive one in the class. I enjoyed some drinks & foods at Eva since I was a kid. Everytime my family went to Yogyakarta, we took a rest for a while there.

  2. Mak Uniek: You're right heheheee
    Mak Ida: kapan2 traktir dooong

  3. my ooh my...I just noticed you have several blogs maaak apologies :D...looks sooo yummy yaaa...though I don't really drink coffee :D...


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