Warung Mak Nyus 999 Pekanbaru

I bet you've never heard about Soto Betawi 999 in Pekanbaru. It's new and I came there last week by accident. It's like an answer of my wish of another sop kaki kambing stall.

soto betawi 999 pekanbaru sop kaki kambing

This stall sells sop kaki, soto betawi and nasi goreng. You can choose either beef or mutton. And you know what, it's not bad at all. It tastes better, compare to the other stall and cheaper as well, only Rp 25.000 per portion.

soto betawi 999 pekanbaru sobet

As a new stall, I think they didn't expect to get a good response from the customers. They work like crazy because people keep coming. At 9 pm everything was sold out!

soto betawi 999 pekanbaru

I really recommend this. But if you come here late, you better bring your own drinks.

Warung Mak Nyus 999
Tagline: Khas Jakarta Tanah Abang
Jl. Riau (next to Prima Bolu)
Phone: 0812 2325 5250

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