Sate Tegal Pekanbaru

This is an old time restaurant. We pass this street frequently for years but we haven't went there until this afternoon. It's just to get answer for our curiosity. 

This restaurant only sells two main menu: sate kambing and gule kambing (from mutton). There was no specific taste that we had to remember. It's like an ordinary satay stall. I think the gule is not thick enough. They should put more coconut milk. However, the place is very clean, no flies at all.

The price is a little bit high, especially for gule since it doesn't require meat which is expensive now. They give the same price for sate and gule, Rp 36.000. Rice Rp 6.000. Es teh (iced tea) Rp 8.000 and surprisingly es jeruk nipis Rp 18.000,-

RM Sate & Gule Kambing
"Sate Tegal"
Jl. Riau No.116A Pekanbaru
Telpon 0761-25178

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