Anglo Angkringan Pekanbaru

On holidays, food adventure is always number one activity for us. It's not necessarily in a fancy restaurant, but we like to find something new. So we find Anglo Angkringan through twitter @AngkringanPKU . Yup, even traditional food gets benefit from the power of social media.

angkringan anglo pekanbaru

But what is so special about this place? It's because it's in Pekanbaru, Riau. Angkringan is originally from Jogja and usually owned by people from Klaten. It's like a traditional hangout place and we sit on a mat. We were anxious to see how it turned out in Pekanbaru. So we went to Jl Melur 37, Pekanbaru. Like any angkringan, you can't see too much light. It's side by side with a pet clinic.

The friendly mas-mas behind the cart said that actually he was from Wonogiri. Usually, Wonogiri people sell bakso or meat balls. However, Wonogiri is also near Solo which has the same type of food seller, called hik. Maybe because it's less famous than angkringan, so they choose Anglo Angkringan as their brand.

angkringan anglo di pekanbaru

I didn't have any complain about the taste. It was exactly the same like we got in Jogja. Too bad I forgot to order kopi joss, a unique coffee which is served with burning charcoal in it. The main menu is sego kucing, which means cat rice. In Java, cat eats rice and anchovy. They modify it into a meal with sambal terasi (chili).

The problem was that they didn't take a note of what we took. I didn't know either that I had to memorize what we ate, although we kept adding everything. It was yummy. I hope I gave the correct answer. Totally we only spent Rp 96.000 for 12 sego kucing, 11 satay, 9 fried tempe tahu, 2 ginger milk and 2 iced tea. 

I should go back there again and again. 

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  1. Angkringan baiasanya selalu dengan identik JOGJA tapi sekarang hampir di setiap sudut kota besar selalu ada angkringan. Di jakarta bertebaran, terkesan murah tapi lumayan mahal juga kalo di itung. Nongkrong diangkringan suka nya comot sana sini ngak terasa dan tau2 sudah 20 ribuan :-(

    1. Apalagi kalau pas posisi duduk depat aksesoris itu. Kelihatannya kecil2 tapi comot2 habis banyak juga :S

  2. wanna eat sego kucing with tempe bacem,yummiiieee,,,like it so much^^

  3. pertamax di amanin sob.. wah nasi kucing tu nggak pernah ketinggalan kalau di angkringan pasti selalu ada, kaya di jogja hehe

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