Tiaz Photography & Grill Pekanbaru

Tiaz Photography & Grill is located at Jl. Sumatra, Simpang Jl. Penyengat, Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia. I dodn't know what the connection between its name and the service is. This cafe is easy to find since it's located in the heart of Pekanbaru. I think it's kind of popular looking at the number of the visitors. I saw my acquaintance from a religious high class society meeting up there. Yes, it's too bad that there is also a high class group on a religious society.

tiaz photography & grill pekanbaru

The building is integrated place for the cafe and Rumah Batik (selling batik). I saw a corner upstairs for photo shoot. I didn't know whether they provided the photographer or not. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to visit the Rumah Batik.

tiaz photography & grill pekanbaru lantai 2

Frankly, Tiaz has the best spot, interior and atmosphere in the city. It's very recommended for hanging out or meeting up. The service is also fine. Unfortunately, they didn't offer their best for the menu.

tiaz photography & grill pekanbaru hangout

I found a little bit difficulties to order since some of the dishes in the menu list were not available. You can't give a list to a customer with more than five unavailable menus. It was very irritating.

tiaz photography & grill pekanbaru sandwich

I didn't have any complain about the taste. The lemon squash was so fresh. I didn't find the special one. Maybe because I didn't order many dishes. The price was cafe's standard. I'm okey with it. It's only that they should put the phone number on the bill as customers often save it for future visit.

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  1. Entah apa yang aku lihat mak, yang jelas.......tuna sandwichnya menggoda selera :)

  2. lemon squash,love it....someday,i will go there ^^


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