Mall Pekanbaru Food Bazaar

Food bazaar is essential in a mall. After shopping, the visitors need some refreshments or even meals. Although there are several restaurants in a mall, it also provides food bazaar to give more food choices. Mall Pekanbaru in Jl Sudirman Pekanbaru does that as well.

mall pekanbaru gudeg

Mall Pekanbaru (MP) offers more than ten food stalls in 4th floor. They have various menus to fulfill your appetite, such as fish soup, gudeg, nasi rames, bakso, soto, etc. The fish soup was delicious. My favorite was the toast. It's different from other toast. It's crunchy but soften by a lot of cheese and chocolate.

mall pekanbaru sup ikan
sup ikan

The food prices are standard, but the drinks are a little bit high. I think most of food bazaar managements take care of the beverage stall by themselves. No matter how high they charge for the drinks, the visitors will buy it anyway. You can't eat without drink, can you?

mall pekanbaru roti bakar

Compare to other food bazaar in Pekanbaru, MP Food bazaar gives better choices. However, I think the management should do something about the smoke. Too many people smoke in that area, causing unhealthy air for children.

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  1. Waktu ke pku blm sempat ke mal ini mbak. Datengnya ke mal di depan hotel swissbellinn.
    Bener bgt mba, ke mal mesti ke food stall, lapaaar...:)

  2. Oh itu namanya mal SKA, aku jarang kesana, lebih suka mal yang lebih kecil

  3. ngiri sama mbak Lusi... bisa ke Food Bazaar. Aku aja yang di Jakarta belum pernah :((( i love food, and going to Food Bazaar is perfect travel for me! errr post ini berhasil bikin ngiler :9

    mau dong #GratisanLadaka5A


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