Angkringan B Agung Pekanbaru

I cannot believe that there are not one but several angkringans in Pekanbaru. So, I strated to check them out. I have visited Anglo Angkringan a few weeks ago. Yesterday, I wanted to know what Angkringan B Agung offered me. 

angkringan b agung pekanbaru nasi kucing

Angkringan B Agung is also known as Angkringan Bagung/Bagong. It's located at Jl Soekarno-Hatta Pekanbaru, right after Nirwana Residence. A friend told us about this place. He didn't give the exact direction so we have to find out ourselves. But, it was easy to find.

Angkringan Bagung claims itself from Sragen. It made me wonder because angkringan is not commonly from Sragen which is closer to Solo. Solo and surroundings have HIK (Hidangan Istimewa Kampung) which is similar with angkringan. Maybe they chose to use "angkringan" because it's more famous. My suspicion was proven when I asked for nasi kucing. Nasi kucing should be wrapped in banana leaves. But they served nasi kucing just like the usual nasi rames. So, they were not a common angkringan.

angkringan b agung pekanbaru menu

However, I had no complain about the taste. I agreed it was javanese flavor. The only regret was that they couldn't re-grill the satay to make them warm. They said they ran out of charcoal. They also had a wide range of menu, such as sayur lodeh, soto, curry and many more.

This place is spacious, suitable for simple community gathering. They also provide giant screen that you can use for various events, such as product launching or nobar / nonton bareng (such as watching football match together with your community).

angkringan b agung pekanbaru

Like common angkringan or HIK, the prices are not high. For 4 nasi rames, 12 satay, 2 gorengan, 2 bacem, 1 iced tea, 3 iced ginger milk and 1 peyek cost Rp 80.000,- That was enough to make me sleep soundly.

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