Kedai Lontong Umban Sari Uniang Pekanbaru

Situated in front of Lancang Kuning University and Politeknik Caltex Riau (PCR), Kedai Lontong Umban Sari Uniang is easy to find. This kedai lontong is very popular in this area, so you will not miss it due to its crowd.

kedai lontong uniang pekanbaru

The outlet specialty is lontong sayur and lotek for breakfast. In Jawa, lotek is usually for lunch but we eat it for breakfast in Pekanbaru. Their cuisins are always sold out before lunch time.

In Ramadhan, they shift the operation time starting 3 pm to sell snacks and food for breaking the fast. This place will look like a small supermarket for snacks.

kedai lontong uniang umban sari pekanbaru

Yup, the picture above is exactly what you think. They weigh the lotek. I don't know why but it's fair for us, right? Hahahaaa

The price is affordable, it's the same with other outlets. I think it's around Rp 10.000 for one portion of lotek. Sorry I forgot to write it down. It tastes okey, it's appropriate for breakfast ala Pekanbaru.

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  1. Lotek, one of my fave food. Di Pekanbaru disebutnya Lotek juga, ya, ternyata :D


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