The Oxalis Regency Hotel Magelang ***

The Oxalis Hotel (bintang) is side by side with Puri Asri Hotel which is more famous. I came here because I was looking for an available swimming pool. The Puri Asri Hotel was fully booked so the swimming pool was for the hotel guests only. In fact, those hotels have a connection access to the Progo river. The official address: Jl. Cempaka, No.17, Magelang, phone +62 293 310371. Email:

kolam renang hotel oxalis magelang

I was lucky because there was no one in the swimming pool area. It was like having a private pool. What I liked most about the swimming pool was that the water was so fresh. I didn't feel any chemicals that I usually found in other swimming pools. My skin was not affected by the water at all. It became perfect with the green scenery surrounding the swimming  pool and Magelang's nice weather.

The entry fee was cheap. It was only Rp 20.000,-. But the room rate I saw in the booklet was quite high. It was Rp 1.000.000 for junior suite room and Rp 5.000.000 for the cottage. Maybe you can get some discounts for online booking. Looking at the room photos, it seems that the prices are reasonable.
The service was very nice since I entered the area. They helped me to park and escorted me to the swimming pool. And they said goodbye with smile until my car crossed the street.

They also provide meeting, golf and outbond packages.

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