Mak Cuik Pekanbaru

Mak Cuik is a legendary kedai or food outlet. But when I searched in internet, I found two addresses and both are near my house. So, I started to look for it. I finally found one kedai at Jl. Yos Sudarso. If you look for it, maybe you will miss it because it's a very small and old outlet. Many public transportation (travel and angkot) park in front of it. The exact place is between Dymerdy and Hawaii.

mak cuik pekanbaru

The most famous menu is the river shrimp. It's big shrimp and delicious. The price for one shrimp portion is a little bit high, Rp 120.000,- but it's a big portion for the whole family. You may also like river fish gulai. It's Rp 30.000,- for one big portion. I have no complain about the taste at all.

It was not a comfortable place for dine in, so I brought them home. Also remember not to go there after lunch time because usually everything is sold out.

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