Kuliner Bu Mey Pekanbaru

I came there because somebody mention it on twitter. It's easy to find this place because it's on Riau Business Center (RBC), Jl Riau, Blok E, No . 6A, Pekanbaru, phone (0761) 8860897. It's the same location with Grand Elite Hotel. It's a weird name, right? Kuliner Bu Mey or Bu Mey Culinary.

kuliner bu mey pekanbaru bihun bebek

She said that although they serve chinese food, the menus are all halal (kosher). As you can see, they don't actually sell chinese food, but a lot kinds of food. Some are javanese food. She also said that the duck beehoon is the best in town and very affordable. Well, let's see about that.

I must say that the duck beehoon is delicious. It's resfreshing and the portion is big enough for two person. But I think they put to much tomato sauce on the fu yung hai. Especially because I don't like bottled tomato sauce. I don't have complain with other menus.

kuliner bu mey pekanbaru nasi bebek

The duck beehoon price is reasonable. But the price of the Kalasan duck rice and the bean sprouts are a little bit high.

The service is fast because they have many crews. But I think  the owner should educate the crews behavior because they talked to each other loudly walked here and there with mouth full of food or maybe snacks. 

kuliner bu mey pekanbaru es krim roti

I recommend this place for its delicious duck beehoon. For other menus, it's up to you because it's proven that my price standard is not the same with my twitter follower's standard.

The place is small, clean and nice for eating, but not comfortable for hanging out because it's too crowded.

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