Cepny Curry House Pekanbaru

Roti Tisu Rp 15.000
Cepny Curry House is an Indian cuisine restaurant which is located at Riau Business Center Jl. Riau, Pekanbaru. It's the same area with Grand Elite Hotel.

Martabak Rp 16.000
It was the first time I tasted Indian cuisine in Pekanbaru. I have some experiences eating Indian Food in Batam, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. All gave different impression.

Mie claypot Rp 22.000
Cepny's gave new experience of tasting Indian menus. I have tried curry rice, martabak with curry and teh tarik (tea), but Roti Tisu is a unique. Roti Tisu is like crepe but with shocking shape.

Nasi kari kambing Rp 38.000
I don't have complain about the taste, but not special either. The prices are a little bit high.

The making of Roti Tisu

Es teh tarik Rp 12.000
Es teh Rp 6.000
Aqua Rp 5.000

Cepny Curry House Pekanbaru
Riau Business Center Jl. Riau

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