AG Steak and Ribs Pekanbaru (sudah tutup)

This used to be my favorite restaurant, but I rarely go there now because they omit siomay from the menu list. Although it's clear that this restaurant mainly serves steak and ribs, but I just can't help it. My Indonesian tongue has its own choice. Looking at the change on the interior and service, I think they did't just change the menu list but the management as well.

ag steak pekanbaru

The restaurant outlook is not too fancy. Actually, this is the branch of AG Steak Blok S, Jakarta Selatan. As a steak and ribs restaurant, the taste already adapts with local flavor and adds some local menu, such as noodle, fried rice and etc. However, several menus need to have some improvements because they give too much bottled tomato sauce on the dish, like common local cheap food. The funny thing is that there are no ribs ever available. 
My family's favorites are fried ice cream and imported sirloin steak with melted butter. Prices are affordable. For local meat, I think it's not expensive at all. Students can go there for birthday treats.

AG Steak and Ribs
Jl. Dr Soetomo 60 Pekanbaru
Phone. 0761-33571

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  1. woooow....strings of food with delicious every single one of them...yummy..

    1. Any chance aku traktir dulu sebelum ke NY? Heheheee


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