Rumah Makan Kola-kola Pekanbaru

I've already said that breakfast is a serious matter in Pekanbaru. Kola-kola is one of my favorite restaurants which serves breakfast, although it opens a whole day. Some calls it kopitiam Kola-kola. This one is not as famous as the other, but it's among the well-known restaurants. It's located at the busy Jl Juanda.

kola kola kopitiam pekanbaru

What I like about this place is because it's not too crowded and they serve the porridge in the real bowl, not some plastic or melamin bowl or whatever cheap things. I don't have any complain about the taste. The porridge is not too thick, exactly the way I like it.

kola kola pekanbaru bubur

In the morning, they also serve traditional snack which is rare here, like lemper, kue lumpur, moci, etc. I usually pick a lot of snacks. Except porridge, you can also order fried rice, fried chicken and many more for the meal.

kola kola pekanbaru telor setengah matang

I don't think it's expensive here. The price is just right for the menus. But yes, sorry, I forgot to write it down since they never gave me any printed bills.

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