Pempek Wenny Pekanbaru

Pempek is one of national treasure. You can find it almost everywhere in this country. Although it's originally from Palembang but it's not impossible to buy pempek as delicious as the original one in Pekanbaru.

pempek kapal selam wenny pekanbaru

Pempek Wenny is our favorite. We call it the damned food outlet because it's difficult not to add more pempek, again and again. The key of delicious pempek is on the savory taste and the sweet but hot sauce. You just can't leave the sauce until the last drop. The price is also very affordable.

pempek kulit wenny pekanbaru

Pempek Wenny is located at Jl. Sekolah, Rumbai, Pekanbaru, side by side with Kantor Dinas Sosial. This place is not too visible so you might miss it. Just open your eyes widely.

tekwan pempek wenny pekanbaru

Actually they take order for parties as well, but I forgot to write the phone number. I'll let you know later if I go there again.

pempek wenny pekanbaru

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