Martabak Rahayu Jogja

Located at Jl Dr Wahidin Jogja, near Duta Wacana University, Martabak Rahayu always has a long queue. Actually, it's not the martabak seller I usually visit, but it's not bad at all. In fact, their martabak is so delicious.

martabak rahayu jogja

Martabak Rahayu sells vegetables and sweet martabak, with various choices of fillings. For vegetables martabak, you can choose either regular, special or istimewa (more than special). Your choice will be applied on the egg and layer quantity which will of course determine the price. The highest price is the istimewa one, but I forget how much exactly. It's about Rp 30.000 or something. 

martabak terang bulan rahayu jogja

There are more choices on the sweet martabak, but I always order the cheese filling. The sweet martabak is cheaper. It's about Rp 15.000 - Rp 20.000,-. Yes, I also forget the exact price.

The Martabak Rahayu owner runs this business with the whole family and some helpers. They cook fast enough, so if you wait for your order a little bit longer, it's merely because the long queue. 

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  1. how I loveeee martabak...can't get enough of it! :D...but what I like best is the eggs with beef filling...cruncy and delicious..

  2. hahaha...pengen bangeeet....musti ketemuan lagiiii ya :D..


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