It's Coffee Time Jogja (SUDAH TUTUP)

I don't want to say that Jogja's life style has shifted to hedonism. Part of Jogja is still modest with traditional ambiance. It's only that another part of Jogja moves to modern life style. A lot of students that occupy most of population come from middle class family. Among them are also young entrepreneurs. 

its coffee time jogja paradise

So cafes like It's Coffe Time grow significantly in Jogja. I couldn't tell which one is the famous one. Every corner of this city has their own. Maybe, eventually it will become a community hangout spot like we saw in American TV serial, such as Cheers or Friends. I don't know. Maybe it already has.

A friend invited us to come to this place. It's Coffee Time is located inside Jogja Paradise, Jl. Magelang, Sleman, DIY, at the opposite side of MMTC. This cafe is very cozy for friends' chit chat.

Since I didn't pay for these snack and drinks, I didn't know exactly how much we spent. But looking at the menu list, the prices are reasonable. I had no complain with all of our orders. It was almost perfect. Shall we have a date here? :D

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  1. ini blognya mak lusi jg? ttg cafe,,di kotaku yg bs dibilang kota kecil aja udh menjamur mak,,kebanyakan yg nongkrong abg2 smbil internetan,,uang sakunya pasti banyak yaa,,beda ama zaman dl aku skolah he he

  2. hhhmmmmm... The strawbery cheesecake n the iced coffee looks soo Yummooo... Not only in Jogja but also in most of big cities in Indonesia caffee has became the Best hangout spot.. I guess :-P

  3. Momtraveler: yup, it's a nice place but costly heheheee
    Mbak Ika: Jl Magelang, depan MMTC, kalau dari Jogja sblm perempatan Jombor
    Tita: kalau orangtuanya mampu mungkin gak masalah ya, tapi banyak anak yg bandel krn ngikuti gaya hidup temannya

  4. wah kalau di Malang kopi angkringan pinggir jalan bisa hadap-hadapan sama kafe kelas internasional :D

  5. wah saya pernah liat ini tempat... tapi belum pernah masukk, potonya bikin mupeng, hehe

  6. yang di sisi timur jalan ya? pernah lewat sana malam hari dan saya pikir itu klub malam

  7. Wah entah ya kalau malam, soalnya kesananya sore :))


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