Gudeg Bu Tjitro Jogja

As the home of gudeg, Jogja has unlimited variant of gudeg. Gudeg Bu Tjitro goes to dry gudeg team. It's one of famous gudeg brands in the past. I don't know whether it's still well-known. What I like most about Bu Tjitro is their convenient place. It's located at Jl. Janti 330 Yogyakarta, across Jogja Expo Center. Their phone is (0274) 564 734.

gudeg kaleng bu tjitro
Sorry, we lost most of the pictures. :((

When you're on vacation with more relax condition, traditional gudeg outlet will be fantastic. But if you bring exclusive guests or need more calm and quiet atmosphere with full service, I think this place will be a very good choice. They also provide other meals, not only gudeg.

I have no complain about the food and drink. All are delicious with reasonable price. It's not expensive at all considering the cozy place and pleasant service. But it's certainly different from the traditional outlets.

I used to order gudeg kendil on my way to Adi Sucipto airport as well. Even though you need it for the first flight, you can just call them and take it away from the security post.

With the new invention, Bu Tjitro also offers canned gudeg that will last for a year. I think I will stick to the common gudeg because the flavour of canned gudeg is not as yummy as the common one.

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  1. canned gudegnya boleh tuh buat oleh-oleh :D bisa tahan berapa lama yak?

  2. Tahan setahun. Murah kok tapi lupa harganya. Dalemnya komplit, tinggal dipanasi aja biar lebih enak.


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