Ayam Lomak Pekanbaru

Its name is unique. Lomak is one of the ways to cook Malayan food. It can be applied not only to chicken (ayam) but rice (nasi) as well. That's why I eagerly tried it when I passed this place sometime ago. It's a big restaurant actually, but I'm rarely around Jl Rajawali, Pekanbaru. So, it was a spontaneous decision to have lunch here.

ayam lomak pekanbaru

We arrived at lunch time and this place was so crowded. Not to mention a playground inside the restaurant. I think it's a bad idea since Indonesian parent usually feeds their children while they are playing around. So we chose to sit outside.

It didn't take a long time to receive your orders but they missed out one of my orders. Look at the iced tea. It was in a jumbo glass, more than enough for me. Hehehehee.... I also ordered a set of ayam lomak with half-cooked egg and kangkung belacan. Look at the way the egg melt. I couldn't resist. It's delicious.

ayam lomak kangkung belacan

I forget about the price. Actually I never care about the details. Heheheee.... But next time I will give you details. However, I'm sure it's reasonable.

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  1. my oooh my....am literally drooling :D....yummy yummy...do they have one in Jakarta?

  2. I don't think so hihihiii... Come to Pekanbaru then :D


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