Sate Mak Syukur Padang Panjang

What's so special about sate Mak Syukur in Padang Panjang, West Sumatra (Sumatra Barat)? This is President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and wife's favorite. At least, it's because of a picture of Mr President and wife hangs on their wall. I once saw sate Mak Syukur in MOI Mall Jakarta, but I haven't tried it yet.

sate mak syukur padang panjang

Sate or satay in Sumatra Barat or West Sumatra uses beef with padang sauce or with peanut sauce. However, sate Mak Syukur only provides padang sauce. I think sate Mak Syukur is the most delicious sate padang I have ever tasted. The sauce is not too chili and the color is normal (other satay makers add coloring, not only using turmeric). The satay with ketupat portion itself is enough for one person. The price is cheap considering its famous trademark, but I don't remember how much it is. 

They also provide kerupuk jangek (cracker). It's so big and square. I wonder how they fry it. There are traditional snacks on your table as well. For drink, you must order serbat with ginger and milk. It fits for the cold and windy Padang Panjang.

Padang Panjang is a very small and beautiful city between Bukittinggi and Padang. You won't miss it if you take the main street. Make sure you don't come on Friday prayers time, because nobody will serve you. They are all men and they all go to the mosque.

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