The Hottest Itiak Lado Mudo, Bukittinggi

For Malaysian, maybe Bukittinggi is one of their favorite destination in Indonesia. There is a direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Padang, then they usually continue their adventure to Bukittinggi by car. It takes 2,5 hours to reach this sister city of Seremban, Malaysia. Bukittinggi has a lot of historical heritages from Netherlands and Japan occupation. It was also the capitol of Indonesia for awhile.

itiak lado mudo ngarai sianok bukittinggi

It's the miracle of nature. It had to be a massive force which made the land separated that way. The depth is about 100 m which extends to 15 km long. I have searched what might cause Ngarai Sianok landscape spectacular in internet, but I haven't found anything. So, let's talk about something else, its popular cuisine, Itiak Lado Mudo.

Itiak means duck, Lado Mudo means young chili. Yes, it's a duck showered by a lot of chili. Scary, huh. I never ask how many chili they put on the cuisine. The look of the cuisine says a lot. But I promise you, with the right rice, you will have difficulty to stop eating. It's so delicious. You can still taste the condiments despite of its so so hot flavor.
The restaurant is small, but it takes place right before entering Ngarai Sianok. So, it can't be missed. You can eat there, but take away is better. You need to relax and take your time while eating it. Here are the tips to take away itiak lado mudo.

The picture above is how the take away itiak lado mudo looks like. You have to buy a whole duck. It costs about Rp 110.000 or more. I'm not sure about the price because I often receive it from friends who get back from Bukittinggi. It's already frozen and will be wrapped again with newspaper to slow down the melting process. It can last for a day or more if you manage to store them in hotel's refrigerator. It means you can bring it to Malaysia, Singapore or Jakarta.

This is how the frozen itiak lado mudo looks like. I stored it in freezer for three days. Please, don't mind the horrible pan. The pan has served me for ten years. It's my good luck pan. Heheheee....

What you do is simply pour some water and boil it. Wait until it melt perfectly. It's ready to be prepared on the dinning room when it looks like this.

Yes, it looks so ugly and tastes so hot. But it's so delicious. So, come on, take your plate, put on the rice, and let's eat! :D

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