Sate Gajih Beringharjo Jogja

I don't know what's the exact word for gajih in English. Just be careful when you buy it, because there are two kinds of sate (satay) gajih in Jogja. The first one is full of fat. You'll find it around Pakualaman. The fat is easily frozen. After eating it, your mount will full of fat. 

sate gajih pasar beringharjo

The second one is less fat. There won't be any fat left on your mouth. It's actually part of brisket, so it's springy. You can only find it in Pasar Beringharjo (Beringharjo market), one of Jogja landmark. There are 2-3 sellers just outside Beringharjo's gate when you enter from Taman Parkir (car parking area). The taste of this satay is sweet. You can't help yourself to eat it right away when you catch its smell in the air. The price is cheap. Unfortunately I can't remember the exact price.

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