Iga-iga Bakso Pekanbaru

Iga-iga bakso is a name of cuisine. Iga is ribs, while bakso is meatball. But there is a restaurant named Iga-iga bakso in Jl Sudirman, Pekanbaru. It has been a long time since the last time I visited it. It's not because the menus are disappointed, but because it's hard to park a car here. Yes, I'm not a kind of person who makes a lot of efforts to queue in a restaurant. If it's already full, I will move to another place. It's used to be a nice place to come, but since the parking area is integrated with the Star City, it's so difficult to find place to park.

iga iga bakso resto pekanbaru

The basic ingredient of its menus is ribs. They create many menus using ribs, including fried, grilled or to be made as meatball. My favorite is grilled. I should warn you that the chili sauce here is very hot. Nevertheless, they also offer other non ribs menu, such as shrimp.

The price here is reasonable. However, I advice you not to order the package ones. Not because the price is Rp 50.000,- for one person, but because it consists of to many side dishes. I'm afraid you won't be able to eat them all.

iga iga bakso pekanbaru

Although you can take them away, I suggest you to eat them up there. It's because the fat will be freeze and you have to warm it at home.

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