Gudeg Bu Amad Barek Jogja

There are a lot of gudeg restaurants in Jogja. You can choose according to your taste. But gudeg Bu Amad is all time family favourite. Barek is a place in Sleman, near Gadjah Mada University which is well known with its gudeg makers. Nevertheless, only a few people knows that it is where the famous gudeg Wijilan comes from. Most of Wijilan's restaurants only display it, while it's actually cooked at Barek or Mbarek.

gudeg barek bu ahmad

Bu Amad is one of the gudeg maker. She specifies on dry gudeg. Dry gudeg looks darker than wet gudeg. It also tastes sweeter. One set of gudeg will include gudeg, sambel goreng krecek, chicken, egg and tofu. You have a lot of options to combine the set. I'm not sure about the price since my father in law always buys it for me. Yes, he loves me that much. But, I once noticed it was about Rp 175.000,-. 

Believe me, it took three days for us to eat them up. To preserve it, just keep it in refrigerator and steam it before you eat. To take to other town, it's better you choose dry gudeg like this than wet gudeg. The dry gudeg is not easily perish.

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  1. is it delicious? .... salam kenal ... hehe.

  2. wah gudegnya marai pengen. hehe

    kunjungi juga blog saya.
    saya juga sudah follow blog anda, dan saya mohon untuk memfollow juga blog saya.
    terimakasih, saya blogger baru :)

  3. Terima kasih kunjungan. It's really delicious.


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