Burger Mansur Pekanbaru

Local taste burger? Why not? And what do Pekanbaru's people like to put in their burgers? I think not only Pekanbaru's people but people around Riau and Sumatra Barat (West Sumatra) like burger with generous chili sauce. They also like to add omelette in it. Burger Mansur or Mansur burger is one of them.

burger mansur pekanbaru

Burger Mansur small outlet can be found in Jl Patimura/Paus Rumbai and Jl Yos Sudarso. I don't know if they have other outlets downtown. 

Food lovers always said that the most important part of a burger is the meat or the burger. The bun could be anything, but the meat/burger has to be perfect. Nowadays, the meat/burger at famous franchise outlets become thinner and less tasty. Burger like Mansur's will be a nice choice. It has thicker meat/burger and obviously is more tasty. The price is affordable as well, ranging between Rp 11.000 to Rp 17.000,- with various filling options.

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