Bakpia Kurnia Sari Jogja

Bakpia is one of top snacks that has to be bought when you go to Jogja. Previously, Jalan Pathuk was well known as the center of bakpia sellers or makers. They named their trademark according to the house numbers. 

Nowadays, you have a lot of choices around Jogja. Some bakpia makers change the way they sell by allowing buyers to go to their kitchen. However, if you don't want to go to the kitchen, you will still get the warm bakpia.
The texture of bakpia also shift into more crusty. The outer layer is thinner so it has more filling. The traditional bakpia has thicker outer layer that you can taste the flour domination. The filling taste is also more clear, not only as additional flavour. For example, if you choose cheese bakpia, you will find the real and generous cheese in the filling.
One of new era bakpia is Kurnia Sari. I think it's the most delicious bakpia I have ever eaten till now. It's not too expensive since it has bigger size too. For one pack of 15 pieces costs Rp 28.000, while for 20 pieces is Rp 34.000.
You can find the address and contact numbers in the picture below.


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  1. Ahhh.. ini bakpia favorittt.. dl waktu masih kuliah di jogja.. kalo mau beli bakpia ini hrs pre order dl n kiosnya msh kecilll.. skrg sudah enak.. sewaktu waktu tersedia, sdh ekspansi.. hehe..


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