LCheese Factory Pekanbaru

It was hot afternoon when my daughter asked me to buy her cakes from LCheese Factory. LCheese Factory is now very popular among youngsters and women in Pekanbaru, as the result of its massive promotion. The reason my daughter asking about these cakes is simple, merely because her friends told her about their delicious cakes. The LCheese Factory outlet is easily found in jalan Durian, Pekanbaru. The
outlet is dominated by purple color.

Because it was not the right time to have lunch or just hang out, we decide to take them home. Actually, cake is best enjoyed in the outlet. They will serve it better in cute platter, not pack it and ruin the cakes' look. The outlet itself is decorated with a lot of purple items. It's cozy place but I think they can take away some chairs to make it more spacious. May be they need to have many chairs for weekends, I don't know, it's just to many chairs for the room.
Tira Miss You or tiramisu is my daughter's favorite and I like it too. It's so delicious. I recommend it. I think so far LCheese Factory is the best cake shop in Pekanbaru. The price here is almost the same with other cake shop or cafe, ranging Rp 17.000 to Rp 25.000 per slice. Hopefully my birthday cake will be from here. It's in the near future. Call them to make me happy, okey? Heheheee....

And.... today, my love ones made my wish came true. Here it is or it was... tarrraaaa.....

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