BALE RAOS: The Royal Restaurant of Kraton Yogyakarta

Gudeg manggar is the most mentioned cuisine by the journalist during The Kraton Yogyakarta Royal Wedding. It will be served for the VIP guests during the wedding party. Gudeg manggar is different from the usual gudeg we find in Jogja. The usual gudeg uses jackfruit as the main ingredient, while gudeg manggar is made from coconut flower. Gudeg manggar is rarely found in Jogja since the ingredients cannot be found easily. Nevertheless, we can taste gudeg maggar with kraton flavor in Bale Raos.
Gudeg Manggar Rp 55.000
Last Ied al Ftr, I went to Bale Raos just to fullfil my curiosity of bebek suwar suwir. Bebek suwar suwir (shreded duck) is favourite cuisine of the late Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX. It was invented by a chef from Netherland.
Bebek Suwar Suwir Rp 60.000,-

Bale Raos is on Jl Magangan Kulon No 1 Yogyakarta, phone 0274-415550. Actually, it takes place in the palace area, but we have to drive around to get the back side of the palace. There are other two restaurants which uses tag as kraton’s cuisine. Bale Raos is at the end of the road, side by side with Sarinah, the souvenir shop.  
Selada Djawa Rp 20.000,-
The service at Bale Raos uses luxurious hotel standard. But don’t worry about the table manner. Most visitors came as tourists, not for feast or party or gala dinner. They don’t care about table manner. So just relax and have a good time with family.
Sekul Gurih Rp 45.000
Bale Raos menus are basically using local ingredients and names. But how the cook and serve make the cuisine looks so perfect. Watch this: bebek suwar suwir (shreded duck), podeng angin (wind pudding), prawan kenes (coquettish virgin), manuk nom (young bird), tapak kucing (cat footprint), etc.

The prices are not cheap, but they are not expensive either, compare to the cuisine appearance. So, it’s reasonable. However, I ordered too many at that time. We could not eat them all. It cost Rp 450.000 for four persons. You don’t need to spend that much, if you order wisely.
Bestik Lidah Rp 50.000,-
All prices are not included tax and service charge. I paid Rp 60.000 for both.
Sanggar Rp 37.500
Prawan Kenes Rp 10.000,-
Teh Gadjah Ndekem Rp 15.000,-
Puding Angin Rp 9.000
Happy food hunting.
Tapak Kucing Rp 9.000,-

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